Jim Schnapp, Owner

Jim has been a builder of custom homes for over 30 years, starting as an apprentice in high school and continuing through college as the job morphed into a passion. Jim went on to work for established custom home builders, fine-tuning his craft and learning the management side of the business. In 1998, Jim established JSD to offer clients a more personalized experience as a smaller, artisan builder. A stickler for detail, Jim still actively manages projects and is present on every job site. Jim is known for his attention to detail, level head and informed approach gained through his three decades of experience. Jim takes pride in his construction work, his greatest accomplishment is his family. Jim has been married to his best friend Kari for more than 26 years and has two adult sons.

Jasson Flick, Director of Operations

 Jasson is a fifth generation builder and has loved constructionsince he was 12 years old. He spent summers as his father‘s apprentice, learning that quality and integrity go hand in hand. Jasson worked his way through college building and remodeling homes, gaining an appreciation for the art of the craft as well as the importance of managing every detail of the project. He joined JSD in 2007 to work more directly with clients in delivering a custom crafted home and positive client experience. When not working, Jasson is enjoying time with his wife and two young kids.